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Top 5 reasons to use Facebook Business Manager over Boosting your Post on Instagram and Facebook

Here are the top 5 reasons for you to run your ads on Facebook and Instagram using Facebook Business Manager instead of just boosting a post:

1. Can create extensive audiences - Saved, Custom and Lookalike which serve at different levels of the funnel.

2. Re-marketing - if you're an e-commerce company you know how that your percentage of positive ROI is more from re-targeting than from any other way.

3. Lead generation - and if you're a Service based company you already know the significance of generating high quality leads. Lead gen objective connects your ad to a lead form, which is easier for a user to interact with and users information gets saved within FBM.

4. Pixel tracking - through FBM every ad account gets a unique pixel which can be installed on the website to track all sorts of conversion actions a user can take on the website, this is very important for us to understand the success of our campaigns/ads.

5. Optimization - a dashboard with all the relevant metrics and genuine data is helpful in analysing the campaign performance for us to take informed decisions for optimising our campaigns.

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