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Campaign structuring in Facebook Business Manager

Even though it's easy to create and start running ads on Facebook and Instagram using the tool of Facebook Business Manager but initially the structure of the tool can be a little confusing 😕

Here is the structure:

Campaign 1

⬇️ ⬇️

Ad set 1 ad set 2

⬇️ ⬇️

Ad copy 1 Ad copy 1

(Image, (image, video, carousel)



An FBM campaign can have multiple ad sets (segmented on the basis of location, audience, platform or budget type) and a single ad set can further have multiple ads within it for a/b testing (these ads can either be in different formats - image, carousel, video or on the basis of different creatives).

The video explains the campaign structure properly so make sure to watch it, and save it for later reference. You may also share the same video and tag me on IG as amanbir.learnppc

You can create a different campaign for each product/service or also choose to segregate your campaigns based on business objectives available in FBM.

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