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Audience Size v/s Daily Reach

Module: Facebook Business Manager Topic: Audience size v/s Daily Reach Audience size - is the number of users your ad(s) can be triggered for based on the Audience you have selected (save audience, custom or lookalike audience) and the Placements (device, platforms and placements) you've selected, whereas Daily Reach - is the number of users your ads can be reached out to on a daily basis based on your budget. The higher the budget the more number of users your ads can be triggered for out of the defined audience size and alternatively, if you decrease your budget your daily reach will also decrease. However, please know that you'll be charged for the total number of impressions (CPM) irrespective of your reach, i.e. you are charged for total number of times your ads were triggered - Impressions may it be for unique users of same set of users. You can also use the option of frequency capping to set a limit for reach and impressions.

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