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'Learning' Status in Facebook Business Manager

As soon as you publish your campaigns/ads in Facebook Business Manager, they would first go in 'learning' phase - that is when Meta/ FBM itself is trying to understand which set of audience is best suited for your brand or best suited with respect to the results you are looking to derive out of your ads.

For different businesses results could mean - Lead generation using instant form or on a Landing Page, Sign ups, Purchase, Add to Carts etc.

Now let's say that based on your audience that you've selected your total audience size is btw 4L - 5L, however, because of your (daily / lifetime) budget your daily reach is only btw 20k - 30k people. Now for FBM to understand how to prioritise these 20k on a daily basis out of your total audience size of 4L - 5L it puts your ads in 'Learning' to indicate that the tool/ AI is working it's best around your requirements to get you the most results in the given budget.

From 'Learning' phase your ads can either go into 'Limited Learning' or in 'Active' stage but more about that in the upcoming videos.

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