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5 things to keep in mind when writing a caption for your Social Media Post

Once a user stops to check out your post it's because they found the creative interesting and of use and now they want to learn more about your business. This is the perfect opportunity for you to pitch your products/services to them. To know more, users will now go through the Caption / Primary text and here is your chance that in a subtle manner you convince them to engage with your post/ad.

Make sure to use these 5 things in your caption to really resonate with a user's needs:

1. Start with addressing a paint point as a question - Tell them that you have understood their problem and you have a solution for it, also shows that you're empathizing with them.

2. Follow up the question with your product) service description

3. Then move on to the features and USPs giving your users the chance to consider your brand

4. And now you talk about the VALUE and BENEFITS your customers will get so that they consider giving you a chance

5. And to finally make them say yes to you - give them an introductory offer or a lead magnet so that they go to your Landing page and fill up that form.

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