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Planning Content? Include these 3 Themes in Your Content Calendar for an Increased Reach

Make sure to include these 3 themes in your content calendar for your content to start performing even better:

1. Engage - share your story with your audience, try to form an emotional connect with them.

2. Educate - tell them about your products, how it can be used in different manners or can be styled in multiple ways. Talk about your Features/ USPs (flaunt it if you want). Also remember that people are inquisitive, they want to know more, so take them behind the scenes every now and them, make them meet the team. They want to become a part of the greatness.

3. Excite - launched a new product? Tell your audience. They have been waiting for it. Keep making an Announcement- it can be an offer or a discount or even a collaboration. Mention in the comments how you plan your content calendar and which theme works best for you.

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