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Recognition is better than Recall

"Can you guess the product I am holding? Name it in the comments section.

Recall - To (try to) remember something.

Recognition - to identify something on seeing it again.

When you walk into a store you look at the packaging and you either

1) immediately recognize the product or

2) you don't.

The products that you use regularly or maybe something interesting you saw on TV/ Instagram and you really liked are easier to remember.

But let's say, someone recommended a product to you and you forgot it's name and now when you're at the store, you'll keep trying to recall it's name or it's attributes. With a high brand recognition rate, even if a user doesn't need the product they might still actually buy it because they are familiar with it and know that sooner or later they will be able to use it.

Familiarity is often the reason we buy a product, we are comfortable, we know it, that doesn't make a user anxious, which is why Recognition is always better than Recall.

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