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Who your competitors really are?

Have you ever thought who your competitors really are?

Well, not just in the real world but also on Social Media, especially when running ads on a popular platform like Instagram. You have your direct competitors and also indirect competitors who are eating away on the valuable screen time of your users which you were thinking of taking over.

Let me give you an example - As most of you will already know I offer Digital Marketing courses, now o'fcourse my competitors are other institues who have similar courses and also online platofrms like Udemy, Coursera, Youtube. But when running Ads on Instagram, I am not just competing with them, but with hundred or thousand other companies from completely different industries as we all could be targeting the same Target Audience.

Now, a user with a certain disposable income has too many options, a user doesn't just have to choose you amongst all the other learning options but also has to weight whether to enroll in the course or to buy a new pair of shoes, or get their hands on the latest phones or revamp their wardrobe in the ever on-going sales.

Which means, that I have to focus on why am I better than my direct competitors but also why should a user invest in their learning now as opposed to all the other tempting options that are out there.

Make sure to inlude in your ad copy - relevant & useful information, value proposition, long term benefits of your product/ service and it's application.

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