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Live Masterclass on Google Ads

Learn to create, manage, audit and optimise your Google Ads/ PPC campaigns with Amanbir.

 Run (search, display, video, shopping) ads and get the maximum returns within your budget. As an advertiser we always have one agenda - Conversions, and that is exactly what these masterclasses are focused around. We are going to focus on brand awareness, quality lead generation and increasing sales online.

Amanbir Kaur

Founder and Lead Trainer

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Amanbir has been a Digital Marketer for 7+ years and a trainer for 5+ years.

She started LearnPPCwithme in the January of 2018 and offers Online as well as Offline Trainings.

In 2022 she added yet another vertical of Corporate Trainings and have already partnered with Startups and Marketing Agencies for up-skilling their team so that they are better equipped with optimisation strategies to get a positive ROI on their marketing spend.


How it Works

You can be a beginner or a professional running campaigns for sometime now which is why at LearnPPCwithme we have come up with a 'divide-and-master' model.

You can either sign up for the topics that you need help with and pay for just that or you can sign-up for all the topics one by one. This will also give you a chance to go back and practice the strategies in real-time and it will also be easy on your pocket.

Topics for Google Ads Masterclass

M1. Extensive Keywords Research

  • Keywords v/s Search Terms/ Queries

  • Primary keywords 

  • Research using Keyword Planner

  • Understanding user intent

  • Splitting Keywords into Ad Groups

  • Assigning Match Types to Keywords

  • Identifying negative terms

  • Analysing Search Terms Report

Date: 11th Feb, Saturday | 3:30PM - 5PM

Price: 799 INR | Venue: Zoom (Live session)

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M2. Search Ads Campaign 101

  • Setting up Google Ads Account

  • Search campaign creation

  • Networks selection

  • Location Targeting

  • Bid v/s Budget

  • Ad scheduling

  • Ad Rotation

  • Ad groups creation

  • Ad copy creation

Date: 19th Feb, Sunday | 3:30 PM - 5PM

Price: 799 INR | Venue: Zoom (Live session)

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M3. Search Campaign 201

  • Search campaign creation

  • Ad Copy creation

  • Adding Extensions (now Assets)

    • Sitelinks​

    • Callouts

    • Call

    • Structure Snippet

    • Lead Form

    • Promotion

    • Price

  • Call Campaign creation

    • Call Ad creation​

  • Using URL Builder for custom parameters

Date: 26th Feb, Sunday | 3:30PM - 5PM

Price: 799 INR | Venue: Zoom (Live session)

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More Details

Business Owners/ Startup Founders

Agency Owners

Marketing Professionals

Freelancers/ Consultants

Amanbir Kaur

Founder, LearnPPCwithme

Digital Marketing Trainer

Startup Mentor

Live Masterclass on Zoom

Full Interaction and Brainstorming

QnA Round at the end

Hands-on training on the tool

Student Testimonials

"Amanbir is very knowledgeable and Right person to learn Digital Marketing In case Some one is looking to learn u can't find better Teacher in Chandigarh. I waited for 1 year for her to start offline classes now when she Started I Feel it was worth the wait . Best of luck"

Ashish Arora- Founder, BusinessSpaces, Chandigarh

"an excellent guide for people those who want to make genuine difference to there Digital platform.Her most positive trait is the hands on experience that she provides you.Her classes are not theoretical one's but on hand experience to the Digital world."

Anjani Kumar - Manager, Samsung

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